Say goodbye to broken stemware!

StemGrip is an innovative product that makes it SAFE to clean stemware in your dishwasher so that you’ll NEVER have to hand wash stemware again!

StemGrip attaches easily to any vertical tine on your dishwasher’s bottom rack and the removable clips securely hold your wine glass stem so they don’t bump, fall or crack. StemGrip™ folds up flat for easy storage and is designed to withstand thousands of dishwasher cycles.

Stop struggling to prop fine stemware "just right" only to open the dishwasher and find them on their sides with sediment or worse yet, chipped, cracked or broken.

StemGrip enables you to improve the sanitization of your glasses while minimizing the breakage of stemware in the cleaning process.

Result, no more handwashing stemware.

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