Why I Love My StemGrip


"Your product works beautifully. Sparkling glasses with no smudges!"
- G.R. of Needham, MA
"Thanks for helping my Christmas shopping and especially for realistic shipping charges!"
- K.G. of Witchita, KS
"I come from a long line of wine lovers ... just the ticket for all those flutes that no one ever wants to hand wash!"
- T.S. of Peoria, AZ
"The owners of a wine shop recommended this to us for washing our wine glasses in the bottom rack. We bought one and tried it. It worked well, so we are increasing our capacity. We have an open cellar door on Saturdays and go through glasses all day. Great idea!"
- L.N. of Healdsburg, CA
"I needed a special gift this season and thought the Stemgrip would be perfect! I like entertaining, but hate washing the wine glasses. The Stemgrip has made life a lot easier, just pop the glasses into the dishwasher and forget about them. Great invention! Happy Holidays."
- B.C. of Crystal Lake, IL
"I hate to hand wash my wine glasses, but I prefer thin glass, long stemmed, elegant wine glasses. I had broken so many in my dishwasher that I was back to hand washing, until I saw the StemGrip advertised in Wine Spectator. It is such a fabulous accessory because it is adjustable. I can add or remove the arms on the StemGrip so that it will hold up to four glasses. And, because it is adjustable, it can be taken apart and easily stored or adjusted to fit in your dishwasher among your dishes and bowls and other glasses. At this point I leave my StemGrip in the dishwasher and take advantage of it all the time. Once my sister saw it she wanted one and then my mom. And, because it is so inexpensive and still rather hard to find, I could buy each of them one without spending a lot of money and give a practical gift that they really wanted and that they will have many opportunities to use."
- T.F. of New York, NY
"I look forward to getting your product as I just washed 8 wineglasses by hand this morning which I'd been putting off doing since Saturday night."
- S.M of Albuquerque, NM
"I came across your product on Daily Candy and I must congratulate you on a fabulous new breakthrough! Congratulations on a great concept."
- D.A.H, Canada
"Stemgrip is a good addition to our site both as an attractive premium offer and a useful accessory. Congratulations on coming up with such a good item!"
- J.A. of West Dundee, IL

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